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The Axion DC Analog Output module provides high-accuracy current and voltage control signals for low-level self-wetted sourcing control applications. The PID function block provides advanced closedloop control for analog set points commonly used in generator and process control.

This enables many time deterministic control applications without performing additional processing to align the measurements to a reference. Utilize this capability to accomplish complex control schemes including load shedding, microgrid control, and autosynchronization.

This enables Axions in geographically dispersed locations to run algorithms on voltage and current measurements and provide time-aligned data from all of the Axion modules. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. Include hundreds of points in a single panel, all connected to a deterministic EtherCAT backplane. Advanced User Authentication and System Security. Enforce LDAP user accounts to maintain security perimeter A single node can contain as many as nine modules.

Sel -2243 Instruction Manual

Use any combination, quantity, and sequence of modules that suits the application. Secure Operation You can use the built-in web interface to manage user accounts and system alarms remotely. Each user account has a unique user name, password, and assigned role that defines system permissions. You can also configure the system to use LDAP central authentication for user account management. There are web pages for monitoring user logs and maintaining network policies.

By enabling Ethernet and serial ports independently, you can minimize any security threat from unused but enabled ports. Employ SSH encryption for remote engineering access to further protect the system Complete with the HMI, the Axion is a standalone control system for many remedial action schemes.

Automatically adjust the governor exciter controls as necessary to provide safe, secure, and unattended synchronization of generation onto the power system. With synchronized This architecture The Online Industrial Exhibition.Users simply select the right combination of modules in almost any arrangement to create a customized solution for each job. Users can build an Axion system with up to six units, or nodes, which are connected in a network using the EtherCAT protocol.

The Axion power supply module employs the same field-proven technology found in SEL protective relays and supports an entire node.

How To Install SEL-2240 Axion®

In critical situations where two incoming power sources are available, install dual power supply modules in each node so the Axion can control needed processes even if one power source should fail. All of the tags in the system can be logged for a system-wide sequence of events report. Engineers can combine the Axion with the SEL ICON communications networks when they need to place nodes significant distances apart with no loss of determinism.

The IEC engine provides a means for engineers to run their custom control logic at two different rates. The higher-speed solve rate can be as fast as 4 ms and is intended for critical control loops.

The solution also gives integrators the necessary tools to easily integrate and concentrate information from the wide variety of microprocessor-based devices found in plant applications today. Go to Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

August 25, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter.Page of 32 Go. SEL Protection, Automation. Customize distribution protection with. Rapidly commission your Bay. Take advantage of enhanced.

Serial and Ethernet links efficiently transmit key. Software-Invertible Polarities. Invert individual. Make informed load dispatch. Table of Contents. Use fiber-optic transceivers. Send digital, analog, and the relay to provide a configurable thermal model SEL Data Sheet Page 4: Product Overview The SEL includes a number of directional elements for supervision of overcurrent elements.

The negative- All signal processing uses the software-inverted polari Page 5 Use communications to improve tripping time for better Even in cases with delayed current zero in the secondary customer service. The SEL is the ideal relay for use of the CT caused by trapped flux, high-speed detection in pilot-based tripping schemes.

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Page 7 Flexible Applications ing order based on system conditions. Bus 1 Two-Breaker Control The SEL contains analog voltage inputs for multiple sources and control inputs to indicate both breaker and disconnect position, as well as the logic required to pro- vide full control for two breakers.

Con- having control functionality or being status-only. When a This method provides an easy way of control equations. The blank slide-in label set is included with the SEL Label sets can be printed from a laser printer using templates supplied with the relay or hand labeled on supplied blank labels.The system is designed to be flexible; use the right combination of modules and nodes in almost any arrangement to suit the job.

The SEL Digital Output Module has substation duty contacts 30 A make, 6 A carry in order to provide reliable operation and flexible application. The Online Industrial Exhibition. View the catalog Go to the Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories website for more information.

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They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. Contact us. Remove all. Compare up to 10 products.The system is designed to be flexible; use the right combination of modules and nodes in almost any arrangement to suit the job.

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The SEL Digital Output Module has substation duty contacts 30 A make, 6 A carry in order to provide reliable operation and flexible application. Implement system security auditing, logging, and password restrictions to enforce government standards.

Include time stamps and time quality in the SCADA message to allow system-wide usage of synchrophasor data. The power couplers create EtherCAT links in a star network topology, sequential network topology, or combination of both.

Apply single or dual power couplers in each Axion node based on connection or redun-dancy requirements. Use ladder logic, structured text, or function chart program-ming for custom control strategies.

Implement PID and other advanced function blocks for process control systems with the new analog output module. Collect downstream data with client protocols. SEL Power Coupler. Related Projects.

sel axion

Operation Temperature Range. Viewing and control via web browser. Viewing and control via web-browser. Protocol Support. Power Supply. Ethernet Ports. Serial Ports. USB Ports. Possible using 3rd-party PCI cards. Other Features. Conformal coating, V. Conformal coating, ambient light sensor, and accelerometer.

Conformal coating.Page of 4 Go. SEL Power Coupler. The SEL serves two purposes in. It is the power supply for all modules installed in the node, and. One SEL has sufficient power capacity to accom. The terminal strip at the. All Axion modules have a. SEL provides power to the node via the backplane.

SEL's Module and Protocol, SEL-2240 Axion

The power coupler module uses the same power supply. Axion provides test-proven superior performance and. If you. If one SEL becomes unavailable. Each SEL provides two dedicated ports for Ether.

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If the installation has. Section 2: Communications in the. SEL Instruction Manual to learn more about con. If an Axion node contains two SEL modules, then. The remaining power supply will serve as the source for. Table of Contents.

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Page 2 refer to Figure 4. Power Coupler module. Page 4 All brand or product names appearing in this document are the trademark or registered trademark of their respective holders. SEL products appearing in this document may be covered by U.

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sel axion

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sel axion

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SEL's Module and Protocol, SEL-2240 Axion

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